German Ingenuity Unleashed: Compleo Unveils Cutting-Edge HPC Charger, eTower 200

German Ingenuity Unleashed: Compleo Unveils Cutting-Edge HPC Charger, eTower 200

Today, we are proud to introduce our High Power Charger (HPC) eTower 200, showcasing German innovation at its best. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the eTower 200 sets new benchmarks in HPC technology, excelling in efficiency, grid compatibility, ease of installation and use for the driver.

Compleo UK is thrilled to announce the market launch of the eTower 200, a high-performance charger with a peak output of 200 kW, efficiency exceeding 96%, and a compact design. Developed in Germany, the eTower boasts modular power distribution, an iconic lighting concept, and a “Single Point of Service” approach, streamlining installation, operation, and ease of use, enabling two vehicles to charge simultaneously at high-speed.

The eTower 200’s modular technology enables rapid charging, dynamically distributing power based on seven independent power modules. Each module delivers up to 920 volts and 72 amps, ensuring electric vehicles charge quickly. Standby power consumption is minimized by shutting down power modules in standby mode.

Additionally, the eTower 200 can be placed directly in front of walls, leading to an even more efficient use of space. This opens a wider range of location possibilities and maximizes flexibility in installation. Thanks to its low height – also the lowest in its class – the eTower can even be installed in places with limited ceiling height, such as multi-storey car parks. This makes the charger the ideal choice for challenging locations where space and height are equally important. Furthermore, the innovative Wire Hub makes the installation process considerably easier. It holds all the necessary supply lines safely and securely, reduces the amount of installation work and thus lowers installation costs.


Exceptional features of the eTower 200:

Compact and User-Friendly: Sets new standards for space utilization, installation flexibility, and easy maintenance with a “Single Point of Service” concept.

Efficient Power Distribution: Dynamically adapts to charging situations, maximizing performance.

Innovative Wire Hub: Simplifies installation, reducing costs and ensuring safe supply line management.

Grid Support: The Active Frontend stabilizes grid voltage, contributing to grid stability during rapid DC fast charging expansion.

Valentin Scheltow, Compleo VP for Sales, states, “With the eTower, we aim to revolutionize fast charging for electric vehicles, demonstrating the superiority of emobility.”

The eTower 200 is specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of Charge Point Operators (CPOs), offering them optimal profitability and efficient operations. This advanced charging technology adapts seamlessly to the unique energy requirements of each electric vehicle, ensuring an optimal and efficient charging experience. Utilizing compact 29 kW modules, the charging station automatically allocates available power, enabling both vehicles to consistently maximize their full power potential. This results in a potential increase in energy sales of up to 35 MWh per year for operators, translating into several thousand Euros in additional revenue.* In case of a service call, a robust redundancy system ensures uninterrupted operation. Even if one power module switches to service mode, the performance of all other modules remains unaffected, ensuring a continuous power supply. Moreover, the process of replacing, upgrading, or maintaining the modules does not necessitate the use of cranes or heavy equipment.


Christian Müller-Winterberg, Vice President Research & Development adds  “Only a few market players have the core competence to develop power electronic charging modules. We are proud to have this unique capability within our company. This allows us to accelerate our innovation path for DC fast charging stations and at the same time respond flexibly to market requirements.”

*Assumption: 8 charges/day at €0.50/kWh. Reference vehicles: Tesla Model 3 LR with 15% starting SOC & Audi e-tron 55 with 20% starting SOC.




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Compleo Charging Solutions UK is one of the leading full-service providers of charging technology for electric vehicles in Europe. As part of the KOSTAL Group, the company supports its business customers with various charging stations and a back-end for charging infrastructure. Compleo offers both AC and DC charging stations, ideal for public car parks, fleets, workplaces and dealerships. The company is based in Abingdon, supported by a team of over 400 in Dortmund, Germany. Customers include Network Rail, APCOA, Opcharge, Oxford City Council & Harley-Davidson.


For more information, visit: or view here– please note this is the German website, more information will be added shortly to the UK site


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