Ultra-fast charging with even greater flexibility

The ground-breaking eTower 200 sets new benchmarks for high-power EV charging.

  • Charge two vehicles simultaneously with up to 200 kW DC
  • Smallest charger in its class – install in the tightest of spaces
  • Flexible and fuss-free installation – no need for a crane
  • Class-leading noise emissions – ideal for noise-sensitive areas
  • Dynamic load management for ultra-fast, ultra-reliable charging
  • Highly visible LED charge indicator for greater user convenience
  • Intuitive operation and interface with flexible payment options
  • ISO 15118-ready
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Bring ultra-fast charging into smaller spaces 

The compact dimensions of the eTower 200 open up more possibilities for installers, allowing placement in tighter spaces, especially where headroom is limited. 

With an overall height of just 2 metres, the eTower 200 can be installed in underground car parks simply using a forklift device – and without the need for a crane. Boasting the smallest footprint and service area of any charger in its class, the eTower 200 has a depth of just 450 mm and service access is via the front for ease and convenience. 

And thanks to its unique ventilation system, the eTower 200 is also the quietest charger in its class, emitting no more noise than a hushed conversation, even at full power. 

Fast and flexible charging for two vehicles 

Ultra-fast charging with reliability built-in. With seven independent power modules on-board the eTower 200, its innovative load management system dynamically sends power to where it’s needed for fast and efficient charging. 

When two vehicles are connected, the intelligent modular system can react and allocate its 200 kW maximum output dynamically in 29 kW increments. 

Developed entirely in-house and in consultation with CPOs, this ground-breaking use of technology maximises output at all times, meaning drivers can charge and go in next to no time. 

Maximum uptime thanks to
complete redundancy

Front access for optimum
service operations

HPC also in noise sensitive

Designed with user convenience in-mind 

The eTower 200 is simple and intuitive to use, designed with the user in-mind. 

Bright LEDs helpfully indicate charge point availability and progress, which can be easily seen at a distance for greater convenience. 

The integrated payment terminal offers flexible payment options, including payment by credit or debit card, and without need for registration. And users are guided through the charging process step-by-step – not solely via the display. 

Flexible backend connection 

The eTower 200 uses standard protocols and open systems for ease of operation. 

Connected by the OCPP 1.6J standard, the eTower 200 can be controlled by any IT back end for greatest flexibility, via LAN and 4G. 

Or choose Compleo’s proprietary software to seamlessly manage your entire charge point network from one easy-to-use platform. 

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Maximum charging power per charging pointDC: max. 200 kW flexible load distribution to both charge pointsAC: 22 kW; DC: 50 kW
Number of charging points22
Charging connector2x CCS charging cable (3,5 m); optional 2x CCS charging cable (6 m) with integrated cable management system1x type 2 socket, 1x CCS charging lead (3.4 m)
Compliant with calibration lawDC meter with SAM storage and display moduleAC: MID-compliant smart meter with SAM® storage and display module; DC: with SAM® storage and display module
ProtectionMCCB 400 AAC: RCD type A & DC residual current detection 6 mA; DC: LS C100
Communication interface to IT backendsOCPP 1.6 JSONOCPP 1.6 JSON
AuthorisationFree charging, RFID, smartphone app, credit card, girocardFree charging, RFID, smartphone app, optional: Direct payment via debit or credit card, Giro-e ready


Technical Data

Product name
eTower 200

Number of charging points

Charging connector
2x CCS charging cable (3,5 m);
optional 2x CCS charging cable (6 m) with integrated cable management system

Free charging, RFID, smartphone app, credit card, girocard

Bright all-weather display, size: 15″

User interface
User instructions via display and four buttons

Maximum charging output per charge point
DC: max. 200 kW flexible load distribution to both charge points

Nominal voltage, number of phases, nominal frequency
400 V; 3; 50 Hz

Maximum input current
342 A per phase, configurable

MCCB 400 A

IT backend connection

Meter / German calibration law
DC meter with SAM storage and display module

Base mounted (bm)

Enclosure material
Stainless steel

IP protection class

Impact resistance

Approx. 750 kg

Swivelling lever, built-in space for one profile half cylinder

Environmental operating temperature
-25 °C to +40 °C


IEC 61851-1;
IEC 61851-23;
IEC 62196;
ISO 14443A/B;
IEC 61851-21-2;

Abmessungen (H x B x T)
2,000 x 1,200 x 450 mm


Cable management system

Wire Hub
Connection Console
240 mm2


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