4 things you might not know about EV charging at your dealership

4 things you might not know about EV charging at your dealership

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here, and dealerships are at the forefront of this automotive transformation. As EVs become increasingly popular, the demand for charging infrastructure at dealerships has never been higher. Here are four surprising facts you might not know, that could help keep your dealership fully charged.

1 Part-Exchange Your Chargers for a newer, faster model

Did you know that you can part-exchange your existing rapid charger for a new one? If your dealership already has a rapid charger, you can exchange it for an upgraded model. This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your charging infrastructure and provide the latest technology to your customers. To explore this possibility further, scroll down to find out more.

2. The Power of Load Balancing

It’s not all about the power. You might find that adding the DC chargers your dealership, or your OEM desires is a power challenge. But here’s a secret: you can still install rapid chargers and manage power distribution through load balancing. This technology allows you to allocate power efficiently to multiple chargers, ensuring that your customers enjoy a seamless and rapid charging experience. Don’t let power limitations hold you back from offering high-speed charging to your clients.


3. Do you know how much electricity your chargers are using? And costing?

Your chargers might be using more electricity than you realize. Are they open to anyone to plug in and charge for free, including staff cars, PDI vehicles, and visitors? By implementing a straightforward software license for each charger, you can maintain free access for your customers and workshop vehicles while charging staff and visitors. This not only provides insights into electricity consumption but also allows you to allocate costs per department accurately. Additionally, it aids in planning for future installations, ensuring efficient resource management. You can find out more here >>


4. The Unsung Heroes: Slow Chargers

While fast charging often steals the spotlight, slow chargers play a vital role at the dealership. Most vehicles aren’t completely empty when they’re plugged in, and they don’t always require a full charge immediately. By strategically planning and moving vehicles once they’re sufficiently charged, you can accommodate more vehicles on your AC chargers. These slow chargers come at a fraction of the cost of DC chargers, allowing you to install a greater number of them and efficiently meet your customers’ needs.


To find out more about EV charging at dealerships, or part-exchanging your rapid charger, get in touch with us hello.uk@compleo-cs.com  or talk to our team of automotive charging experts on stand A10 at Automotive Management Live at the NEC on November 9th.


Part exchange terms and conditions: £2,500 discount applies on new orders for a CITO 500 2in1 CCS/AC ordered and delivered before 31/3/24. Offer valid when replacing any 24kW DC charger. Faulty chargers accepted. 3 year warranty covers parts & labour for the first year and parts only for years 2 & 3. Offer is for new charger only, does not include installation or delivery. Discount applied when old charger is returned and received by Compleo UK. Offer subject to availability.

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