EV charging sector welcomes Compleo’s ground-breaking eTower 200

EV charging sector welcomes Compleo’s ground-breaking eTower 200

“We are not selling a piece of hardware, we are selling uptime and reliability.”

A clear statement of intent from Compleo CEO Joerg Lohr as he unveiled the ground-breaking eTower 200 high power charger to industry leaders, partners and representatives from the UK’s leading charge point installers and operators last week in London.

Setting new standards for performance and reliability, the eTower 200 is poised to revolutionise the UK’s EV charging landscape, particularly for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) aiming to upgrade on-the-go charging for electric vehicle drivers.

As the most versatile, compact and discreet High Power Charger on the market, the feature-packed Compleo eTower 200 is able to deliver 200 kW ultra-fast charging for two vehicles simultaneously.

But it’s the depth of engineering, innovation and technology behind the headlines which makes this revolutionary HPC so formidable.

Recognising the need for an ultra-reliable, ultra-efficient high-power charger, the class-leading eTower 200 has been designed and developed in-house in Germany to deliver its blistering performance without hint of compromise.

Equipped with seven on-board power modules to balance power distribution between two charging vehicles, the eTower 200 boasts charging efficiency greater than 96% and is engineered for maximum uptime and reliability.

The charge point’s durability is further enhanced by an advanced air ventilation system which ensures electronic components are unaffected by dust and humidity. And with the smallest footprint and service area of any charger in its class, simple work is made of both installation and maintenance.

With its user-friendly design and functionality – including highly-visible LED indicators showing state of charge for each coupled vehicle and integrated chip-and-pin payment terminal – the eTower 200 provides a consistently better experience for drivers, charge after charge, and peace of mind for Charge Point Operators and installers seeking robust and reliable hardware with dedicated support and backing from a team of UK-based experts.

Compleo UK’s entire Abingdon-based team, along with senior management representatives from the company’s German headquarters, proudly showcased the ground-breaking charge point to an engaged audience gathered at The Vinyl Factory in Soho, who had opportunity to hear from a specially curated panel of leading industry experts, as they discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by the EV charging sector. Event host and respected journalist, government advisor and Go Ultra Low ambassador John Curtis from the EV Café was joined on-stage by Lia Knight, who is championing accessible and efficient EV charging solutions in her role as Head of Innovation at ChargeSafe. Driving the debate alongside Compleo CEO Joerg Lohr and leading EV charging infrastructure consultant Karl Anders, was Susana Neves e Brooks, Head of Connections at Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, who provided unique insight and opinion from a DNO perspective and commended the arrival of the eTower 200, and Compleo’s ambition to improve the EV charging landscape.

Speaking at the launch event, Compleo’s Head of Marketing & Communications in the UK, Clare Nicol, said she sees the eTower 200 as a pivotal element in the collaborative effort to advance the UK towards greater EV use and net zero targets – and in creating a better charging experience for drivers. She added, “We believe the eTower 200 can play a big part in making that happen.”

Find out more about the revolutionary eTower 200 here.

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