Compleo & the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) regulations 2021 (everything you need to know!)

The Electric Vehicle (Smart Charge Points) regulations come into effect on Thursday June 30th.  We’re thrilled to confirm that you can continue to sell and supply Compleo charging products with confidence through to the end of this year and beyond.

If you want more information about the new charging regulations and how we’ve been working with the government authorities, then please read on.

Which chargers are affected? The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) regulations 2021 affect all chargers less than 50kW supplied from June 30th 2022 that are being installed at home or workplaces. If you are installing in a public car park or rapid chargers (50kW+) in any location, the new regulations do not affect you.

<49kW >=50kW
Home New regs apply n/a
Workplace New regs apply Exempt
Public Exempt Exempt


What’s in the new regulations?

We’ve listed below the exact details, but in summary the new regulations require a much more sophisticated charger. The charger needs to be able to delay charging, reduce supply, be cyber-secure and provide the exact energy consumption used to a defined standard. The regulations allow for this to be done via the hardware, the software or both.

Which Compleo products are affected?

The Compleo products affected by these new regulations are the eBox range, Compleo DUO and Cito 240.  Since the announcement we have been working with OPSS and they are happy to confirm that we are working responsibly to ensure our chargers will be compliant within agreed timescales.

We will comply with the regulations via changes to our software, no hardware changes are needed which helps ensure no further costs are incurred or passed onto customers. This ensures that you can continue to install our chargers, safe in the knowledge that  they comply with the new regulations.

Want a bit more detail?

Although the new regulations come into effect on June 30th the OPSS are working with us and a number of other EV charging companies. They are happy with our business plan and our pathway to compliance  and have approved that we can still sell and supply our hardware and software within the new regulations.


What do the new regulations state? (

The regulations state that charge points sold for the intended private charging of vehicles must meet certain device-level requirements, which include:

Charge points must also:

We are complying with these regulations through enhancements to our software. There are no changes to our hardware.

What to expect from us in the coming months?

We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes, and this will include deploying a new firmware update. When it’s ready we will be in touch and let you know if this affects your chargers and if you need to do anything.

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